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Chris Liebing razend enthousiast over Awakenings « Terug naar overzicht

Geplaatst op 01-07-2015

Afgelopen weekend was het de hemel voor technoliefhebbers: het was het weekend van Awakenings. En niet alleen de bezoekers waren enthousiast…

Chris Liebing lijkt zich uitstekend vermaakt te hebben op het festival, dat afgelopen weekend plaatsvond in Spaarnwoude, onder de rook van Amsterdam. Duizenden techno liefhebbers uit binnenland, maar ook heel veel uit het buitenland, reisden af naar het  groene festivalterrein, voor de techno-ervaring van hun leven en misschien wel een bezoekje aan de beukende technokoning. Ook Liebing zelf raakt niet uitgepraat over het festival en besteedde er vannacht zelfs een hele Facebookpost aan.

Alleen maar lof
“Awakenings Festival Amsterdam this last weekend blew my mind. So emotional and intense (in only great ways) it was. Day 1 I already told you about, but when I did that post Sunday, I didn't know then, that Day 2, closing the Electric Deluxe stage as ‪#‎Collabs with my friend Speedy J would be again such an out there experience, this time for both of us and hopefully also for you. Thank you all for this! Big thanks also again to everyone at Awakenings for doing what you do and giving us artists the opportunity to perform in front of such an amazing crowd (yes YOU!). Everything was spot on. 
We just had one little scary moment during our collabs session, when our friend Joseph Capriati showed up on stage and all of a sudden grabbed and ate our Bass Banana. We forgave him as he seemed to be hungry. Luckily we found a new Banana and were able to continue… (it is an important piece of our setup and so far no one every dared to eat it while we were playing...)
I spoke to quite a few artists over the course of those two magical days in Amsterdam and no one had to complain about anything, everyone had a blast. I hope you as Festival goers had the same experience. I guess the weather gods also like techno....
Let's all continue that ride. Already looking forward to more of the festival season...” aldus Chris Liebing op zijn page. Zo Awakenings, steek die maar in je zak!

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